Are you a Business Owner who is struggling with getting results with Digital Marketing? If Yes, Have you set up your customer journey funnel.

Let’s first understand the customer journey funnel.

It is the journey that your prospect customer goes through to become your customer and then a loyal customer.  The seven stages are Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer. 

Let’s understand each of these stages in detail.

  1. Know: Or I would also like to call it as Introduction. You need to introduce your business to your target audience they have never heard about you or have seen you. You are a stranger to them. Just like when you introduce yourself when you are trying to make friends, the first impression counts. You want them to have a good experience with you. This can be done in various ways eg. Post on your social media channels. Paid Ads target your buyer persona.  Make sure you are talking to them in their own language. Address their pain points in their term. Show them that you understand their problems and have a solution for them.
  2. Like: they have many businesses in front of them who can solve their problems, why should they choose you? We will use the same theory as becoming friends. You become friends with people you like. Do your prospective customers like you? Do they like the way you work? Your Website? Your Values?  They are trying to make snap decisions based on these points.
  3. Trust: I might like what you are presenting to me but do I trust you? Here building trust becomes very important. Your prospects are looking for social proof. Have you delivered earlier on the promises made by you? This can be achieved by showing them social proof in terms of Testimonials and Reviews.
  4. Try: Now your prospects want to test waters before they take a final dip. Offer them trial offer, some promotions, Signup offer, Memberships etc make sure that the experience that they have during this period is great because now they are going to take that decision to finally become your customer.
  5. Buy: Congratulations! You have made a sale. The objective now is to make sure you deliver on your promises, give them more value than the price they have paid for. Make them happy. Follow-up with them to understand if there is anything that you can do for them.
  6. Repeat: Being on top of their mind is very important. Ask them if you can solve their current as well future pain points. Giving great value is the most important thing.
  7. Refer: Ask them for referrals. In a survey 81% of businesses said more than 50% of their business come from referrals. Still only 27% of them had a system in place to en-cash it. Do you have a system in place? Are you rewarding your customers for the referrals?  Having referrals is very beneficial to the business as these customers are less price sensitive, they already trust you and they would be your biggest brand ambassadors.

Here is the formula to double or triple your sales by making sure your guide your customers through each of these stages carefully.

You can watch my Video on this topic

I would love to hear your thoughts about the 7 stages of the customer journey. Please leave a comment below about your views on it.